Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Universal Pharma realise the importance of getting it right:
  • Right quality - incorporating monographs such as BP, EP, USP, JP. 
  • Right documentation- DMFs/CEPs
  • Right quantity - from grams to kilos 
  • Right time - to meet your manufacturing timelines
Universal Pharma works with leading API manufacturers, so whether your requirements are for NPD or to seek an alternative source of supply, let  Universal Pharma be your preferred partner of choice for ingredients that include:
  • Range of APIs covering various drug delivery platforms
  • Super Vitamin: EFSA approved, applications include bone and heart health
  • Calcium Carbonate: over 15 grades covering both Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications
  • Phyto-Ingredients: range of phyto extracts for applications that include Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical